You can check back here or on our facebook page to see what's going on a Blue Barn Farm. We'll keep you up-to-date on what is available for sale and pick-your-own at the farm. We hope to see you soon!


The 2021 growing season is upon us!  Our Pick-Your-Own crops include blueberries, black raspberries, red raspberries, sugar snap peas and cut flowers.  Blueberries will likely be ripe the very end of June and raspberries will follow shortly thereafter.  The peas and cut flowers will be available at the same time.

Picking times are early in the day, 8am - 11am and late in the day 5pm-8pm. Picking days depend on the availability of berries which is greatly determined by the weather, so we ask that you call ahead (240-357-4087), check our Facebook page or find the Facebook posts streamed  below.

While at the farm, stop in at our farm market located in the lower part of our barn.  Find what's ripe and ready!  Your selections may include lettuces, greens, radishes, broccoli, and green onions early in the season.  Tomatoes, squashes, peppers and eggplant are samplings of what you'll find later in the season.  Stop in, there's always something fresh and don't forget the sweet corn!  We grow the best sweet corn! Sweet corn is available beginning mid-July at our on-farm market and the Farmers Markets we attend. Call ahead for availability and freezing/canning corn orders.

We accept cash, check or card. We also accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers and SNAP.

Berry Picking Procedures

Drive through the cul-de-sac at the end of Flowing Spring Road and onto our private drive.  Follow the road to the front of the barn.  There will be signs showing you where to park.

Park in the designated areas and walk to the field entrance.

BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS. Your containers will be weighed upon entering the field. You will pick into your own containers and then pay for your berries by the pound.

Wash your hands before picking! There will be a wash station available at the entrance to the field.

Pick in the row and color coded area that you are assigned. We ask that family groups pick together.

We appreciate your cooperation and your understanding in following the guidelines.   We are doing our best to provide an enjoyable picking experience for all or our customers.  Thank you.

Updates From Facebook

1 month ago

Blue Barn Farm

Thank you to all of you who participated in our survey! We appreciate your responses as we work to make things better and more convenient for you. Take aways from the survey are these:
We will be keeping our self serve on-farm market open until 7 pm daily. (It was 6 pm)
You really want us to grow UPick Strawberries. We are planting those this coming spring!
It’s ok to sell other local produce as long as we label it. Great! We’ll probably bring in things like local melons since we don’t grow them.
Many of you are interested in an online ordering platform. Good news for you, we just committed to using Local Line. You’ll be able to order fresh produce online, we’ll prepare a box and have it ready for you. This system will enable us to sell some things like herbs and squash blossoms which are just not cost effective to take to market. No worries for those of you who want to shop in person, we’ll still have our farm market and be going to the Hollidaysburg Farmers Market. Thanks again for giving us feedback and have a safe and Happy Holiday!
PS. Congrats to Bridget for winning the T-shirt!
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3 months ago

Blue Barn Farm

Hey everyone! This is the LAST WEEKEND of the season for our on-farm market! Here are some pics of what you’ll find and here is a list:
Tomatoes (Yes, we still have them!)
Spaghetti squash
Head lettuces
Salad mix lettuce
Napa cabbage
Swiss chard
Bok choi
Sweet potatoes
Come and get it while you can! The lettuces are great this time of year and the carrots and kale are also sweeter with the cooler nights.
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3 months ago

Blue Barn Farm

It’s a cool morning and my fingers are freezing, but I did manage to harvest fresh broccoli 🥦 and we harvested sweet potatoes yesterday! You’ll find both of those in the market along with:
Tomatoes (yes, we still have some. Vine ripened!)
Peppers- bell, colored, sweet banana, jalapeño, lunchbox
Herbs - basil, cilantro, chives, rosemary
Head Lettuces - oak leaf, red and green butterheads, red and green summer crisps, romaines
Salad Mix loose leaf lettuce
Mesclun (mixture of greens and lettuce)
Bok Choi
Winter squashes - spaghetti & butternut
Garlic cloves - small cloves that didn’t make the cut for seed! (Priced accordingly!)
You can see that we still have quite a selection considering it’s later October. We hope you can stop by and stock up on the last of summer produce!
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3 months ago

Blue Barn Farm

I harvested parsley today and bagged it for the market. Then I happened to see what was tagging along in the bag! Oops! This bag of parsley won’t go to the market. I’ll set this black swallowtail caterpillar free. He (she?) is a beauty! ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago

Blue Barn Farm
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Mission Statement…

Our mission at Blue Barn Farm is to produce high quality berries and produce at reasonable prices for our local community. Customers may experience the farm in Pick–Your-Own berries and vegetables and On-Farm Sales. We focus on the sustainability of both our soils and the economic viability of our farming operation. It is important for us to gain the respect of our community by being an honest, transparent business and one willing to give back to the community.

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