You can check back here or on our facebook page to see what's going on a Blue Barn Farm. We'll keep you up-to-date on what is available for sale and pick-your-own at the farm. We hope to see you soon!


The 2020 growing season is upon us! Blueberries will likely be ripe the very end of June and raspberries will follow shortly thereafter. We are hoping for a nice crop although we still have to wait and see the extent of damage caused by the late, deep freeze in May. The blueberries may develop spots on them as they ripen due to the freeze. This won't affect their taste, but it is a blemish.

Picking times are early in the day, 8am - 11am and late in the day 5pm-8pm. Picking days depend on the availability of berries which is greatly determined by the weather, so we ask that you call ahead (240-357-4087) or check our Facebook page.

In addition to pick your own berries, we grow the best sweet corn! Sweet corn is available beginning mid-July. Please call ahead for availability and freezing/canning corn orders.

We accept cash, check or card. We also accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vouchers.

Blueberry baskets

COVID-19 has affected our picking procedures. Please follow these guidelines:

Park in the designated areas and walk to the field entrance. You will enter on one side of the gate and exit on the other. There will be signs to guide you.

Wear a mask when at the check-in/out tent and interacting with staff and other customers. You do not have to wear them in the field while picking.

Wash your hands before picking! There will be a wash station available at the entrance to the field.

BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS. Your containers will be weighed upon entering the field. You will pick into your own containers and you will pay for your berries by the pound.

Pick in the row and color coded area that you are assigned. We ask that family groups pick together. Upon exiting the field, follow the signs which will direct you around the outer edge where you will not be passing people on their way into the field.

We appreciate your cooperation and your understanding as we navigate the changes that COVID-19 has forced us to make. We are doing our best to provide an enjoyable picking experience and keep you safe. Thank you.

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2 weeks ago

Blue Barn Farm

My very old culimulcher is sporting new plow shears and a new handle to raise and lower the bar. Looking pretty snazzy, eh? Thanks to my husband for taking the old pieces off and putting these on. There was only one cut finger and a few cus words along the way, haha! ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Blue Barn Farm

A rainy day spent in the greenhouse planting your food! A day of pleasure for me. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Blue Barn Farm

We’re growing!!! Our newly covered greenhouse with its new heater is working well! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Blue Barn Farm

Another project... ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Blue Barn Farm

It is important to us that you, the consumer of our produce, know about our growing practices - transparency is the goal. Read on for a review!

Sustainability of our soil, water and economic viability of our farm is our focus. All vegetables except corn are grown with no synthetic pesticides. We are able to do things like plant multiple successions, use row cover, beneficial insects and biologicals to stay ahead of pests and diseases on these crops.
Sweet corn is a tough crop to grow. Just like you and me, worms love a good ear of sweet corn and we find that consumers are not tolerant of finding some extra protein (worm) in their ear of corn, plus consumers aren’t fans of genetically modified corn which could mitigate this worm problem. Thus, we need to stay ahead of the pest problems by using sprays. Please be assured that we use integrated pest management (IPM), which means that we scout for and identify the pest and treat only when a threshold is overcome. In addition to that, we are judicious in choosing what and when to apply - we want the least impact on bees, beneficial insects, our soil and waters.
Our investment in our small fruits is substantial. We can’t afford to lose these plantings and at this point in time total organic methods are not amenable to this. We do use organic sprays on our berries, but will not limit ourselves to organic-only sprays if a pest threatens to cause crop loss.
Overall, we are just trying to do the right thing -bring a fresh, high quality, nutrient dense product to our customer that was grown using methods that cause the least impact to our environment and economic viability to our farm.
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2 months ago

Blue Barn Farm

In the 2021 season, you can find Blue Barn Farm's fresh produce and berries here:
Our on-farm market, open daily 9-6 beginning in May.
Hollidaysburg Farmer's Market, Tuesdays 11-2.
Altoona Curve Farmers Market, Wednesdays 11-2.
Altoona Farmers Market, Thursdays 9-2 beginning in July.
Our Pick-Your-Own berries will be available at the end of June. Follow us for updates!
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Mission Statement…

Our mission at Blue Barn Farm is to produce high quality berries and produce at reasonable prices for our local community. Customers may experience the farm in Pick–Your-Own berries and vegetables and On-Farm Sales. We focus on the sustainability of both our soils and the economic viability of our farming operation. It is important for us to gain the respect of our community by being an honest, transparent business and one willing to give back to the community.

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